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Advanced PHP Training in Jaipur (Integrated Web Designing and Web Development Course)

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What you will get from this course?

Learn to create websites and online applications from best PHP Training Institute in Jaipur. Our PHP Course is designed professionally to help students learn Web Designing and Web Development with 100% practical exposure. PHP Training in Jaipur by experienced and professional web developers in a professional working environment. All that you get to know after this PHP Training :

  • send Creating Web Pages using HTML (HyperText Markup language).
  • send Designing Web Pages using CSS (Cascading StyleSheet).
  • send Client Side Handling using JavaScript & jQuery.
  • send Developing Data Based Websites & Web Applications using PHP.
  • send Responsive Designing by Bootstrap
  • send MySQL Database Integration to store and play with huge amount of data.
  • send How to send server side requests to perform different tasks.
  • send How to manage your project effectively with Codeigniter (CI) MVC Framework
  • send Prepare Yourself for Job Interview and get successfully placed.

This PHP Training is not only about teaching Web Designing and Web Development, but developing a logical mindset. Anybody can learn designing and programming, but the Key is to achieve professional development and project handling skills.

Here with PHP Training in Jaipur, You will achieve your goal of becoming a Web Developer under guidance of experienced and professional trainer. In Jaipur, you can find out institutes to get prepared for PHP theoretical exam. But Dot Com Inventions, best PHP Training Institute in Jaipur serving students with advanced PHP Training with practical learning environment.

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor)

PHP is a server side scripting language originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. PHP is designed for Web Development. Dot Com Inventions take an initiative to start PHP Training in Jaipur so that everyone can learn the way and methodology of developing data based websites and web applications and to provide them skills to grab career opportunities in PHP.

PHP Training in Jaipur, For All

For Students

  • send Prepare Yourself for 5 Different Job Profiles via One Course
  • send Fastest Growing & In-Demand Skill
  • send Vast Career Growth Opportunities
  • send Be job ready for 4lac+ web development jobs in India

For Entrepreneurs

  • send Design & Manage your own Business Website
  • send Regularly Update your Website/Blog
  • send Save money by doing development in-house
  • send Set-up better communication with your development team

For Professionals

  • send Benefit from More Career Choices In Growing Digital Scenario
  • send Get Paid More Than Your Peers
  • send Become an In-Demand Professional
  • send Upgrade Your Current Profile & Become More Innovative
  • send Work as Freelancer

Learn Practical, Build Practical

We are not a coaching institute for PHP, We are the best PHP Training Company in Jaipur with both developing and training experience. Teaching PHP is our passion, We do not deliver lectures but make you to learn on live projects. You will be trained in a professional work environment with which you can develop your skill set in such a way that along with basic PHP implementation you can develop advanced custom web based solutions. We deliver you less of theory and more of practical.

Covering 14 major modules, comprising of presentations, quizzes and assignments – this is the most comprehensive and Advanced PHP Training.

Come and learn to develop dynamic websites and web applications using php with practically working on live projects.

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Dr. Dinesh Sharma developed his own website and now have the skills to communicate with his development team on all aspects.

Dr. Dinesh Sharma

Chief Physician and Founder, Prakash Nethralaya and Panchakarma Kendra

I am being an ayurvedic eye expert, faced issues in bringing my clinic to digital. I have got my website designed & developed 4-5 times and every time got dissatisfied with that. Then, i decided to do it myself, but how. Then Mr. Sidharth Sharma helped me to learn Web Design and Development which not only helped me to create website. But, now i can better understand the development process and can easily understand various aspects to discuss with my development team.

See What Our Students Say About us

Ashish Bhatia

BCA Student

I got PHP as my subject in BCA. But except theory, i did not know anything. Then Google told me about Dot Com Inventions. I learnt PHP again, but this time practically working on live projects. The mentor is just an amazing person and is really experienced and highly qualified. The main benefit of learning from this institute is that your core concepts about the course and the industry will get thoroughly accomplished. We’re given daily assignments and there’s a lot of practical learning and skill development. If you want to make a career in web development, this is the place you want to be.

Pallavi Sharma

XIIth Pass Out

It was really very good php learning experience at Dot Com Inventions. Every basic concept was cleared with proper examples and assignments. We got more than 25 assignments to do. In class, we created our own website and implemented everything on that website. It was a completely practical approach to make every concept clear. Sidharth Sir explained everything with very friendly and energetic way. Moreover, I’m doing internship from Dot Com Inventions and getting the opportunity by doing work on live projects. 100% recommendable training Institute for PHP Training in Jaipur.

About The Trainer

Sidharth Sharma - Digital Marketing Strategist & Web Developer

Our Trainer Mr. Sidharth is an experienced PHP Trainer, Digital Marketing Expert and a Web Developer. He has completed many projects of Web Development and Digital Marketing. He has developed a very powerful Hospital Management System in the form of a web application and customised it at many levels and delivered it to many different clients. He has got a good experience in Website Development, E-Commerce Development, Customised Web Application Development, Building Brand Strategies, Managing Google Adwords, Facebook Pages and Youtube Channels and much more.

PHP Course Details

PHP course is result-focused and have great practical exposure. The course will make you learn from Basics to Advance. Daily Step-by-Step learning with PHP live project training makes you perfect working practically. In-depth and Practical knowledge is the diamond which we will deliver you.

PHP Course Duration, Timings and Eligibility

Duration – 65 Days

Timings – 1.5 hour a day, 6 days a week

Eligibility – Basic Computer Knowledge

PHP Syllabus For Training

This PHP Course Syllabus is designed by experienced and professional Web Developer to deliver minor to major methodology of Web Designing and Web Development. Grab the opportunity of becoming Web Developer from getting trained by industry experts.

Web Designing

  • HTML
    • send Basic introduction to HTML
    • send Your first web page
    • send Finding best code editor
    • send Lists, Links, Tables
    • send Metadata and Hyperlinks
    • send Blockquotes and Anchors
    • send Working with Forms
  • CSS
    • send Basic styles for a web page
    • send Internal and External CSS
    • send Inline CSS and Style Blocks
    • send Importance of Div, IDs and Classes
    • send Setting layout of a page
    • send Playing with Images
  • Bootstrap
    • send Bootstrap Overview & Installation
    • send Grid System
    • send Setting Layouts with Bootstrap
    • send Responsive Web Designing
    • send Components & Utilities
    • send Integrating in WordPress (CMS)

Client Side Scripting

  • Javascript
    • send introduction to Javascript
    • send Various Expressions in Javascript
    • send Integrating Javascript in HTML
    • send Arrays in Javascript
    • send Handling loops and decision control statements
    • send Validating form data
  • jQuery
    • send Introduction to jQuery
    • send Traversing DOM Structure
    • send Working with DOM
    • send Events Handling
    • send Sliding, Fading, Toggling, Hide & Show
    • send jQuery and Ajax Calls

Server Side Scripting (PHP) & Database Integration (MySQL)

  • PHP and MySQL
    • send Understanding PHP
    • send How to run local web server
    • send Core Logics & role of Apache and MySQL
    • send Configuring php.ini
    • send Embedding in HTML
    • send PHP functions
    • send Datatypes & Variables
    • send Looping constructs and Conditional statements
    • send PHP + MySQL (Database Platform)
    • send Sending form data with php
    • send Sessions and Cookies
    • send File handling in PHP

Content Management System (CMS)

  • WordPress
    • send Understanding CMS
    • send Types of CMS
    • send Configuring a CMS
    • send Working with CMS
    • send Development of a project using wordpress
    • send Working with themes and plugins
    • send Parent & Child Relationship

PHP Framework

  • Codeigniter
    • send Understanding PHP framework
    • send Introduction to codeigniter framework (CI)
    • send MVC Architecture
    • send Understanding workflow of CI with a live project

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Dot Com Inventions, One of the best PHP institute in jaipur providing Advanced PHP Training which is a combination of Web Designing Course and Web Development Course. Joining this training can make you learn creating websites and web applications, all responsive in just 2 months.

Enroll now for PHP Training Jaipur and get early bird discount. Dot Com Inventions can provide you practical exposure for integrated PHP Training Program. We provide professional work environment for students and training by experienced PHP developers to not only let you have the basic PHP knowledge, but to make you handle projects and work professionally. Don’t roam here and there in search of a good PHP Training institute in Jaipur. You are here at right place where you will get PHP Training in Jaipur with practically working on live projects with professional and experienced web developers.