Dot Com Inventions is the best Web Designing Institute in Jaipur providing a 35 days Web Designing Course in Jaipur. This course is designed professionally to make you learn Web Designing from basic to advance level. Somebody said “Practice Makes a Man Perfect”, here we focus more on practical over theory. Get 100% practical exposure by joining this advance level web design training.

What You Will Learn In This Course?

  • send Web Pages creation using HTML (HyperText Markup language).
  • send Web Pages designing using CSS (Cascading StyleSheet).
  • send Responsive Designing by Bootstrap.
  • send Ready-Made tools for Graphic Designing.
  • send Client Side Handling using JavaScript & jQuery.

The main aim of this Web Designing Course in Jaipur is to develop a creative mindset of the students. Designing something needs inner creativity from the core of heart. This web design training will help you get your inner designer out on the screen.

Here at Dot Com Inventions – A best Web Designing Institute in Jaipur, you will achieve your goal of becoming a Web Designer under guidance of experienced and professional web designers and developers.

Web Designing Course Details

From all Short Term Professional Courses in Jaipur, This most advanced Web Designing Course in Jaipur designed by industry experts just to make you an another expert Web Designer.

It does not matter weather you are a Student, Professional or an Entrepreneur, We will teach you Web Designing Skills while working practically on live projects.

Web Designing Course Duration, Timings and Eligibility

Duration – 35 Days

Timings – 1.5 hour a day, 6 days a week

Eligibility – Basic Computer Knowledge

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35 Days Web Designing Training in Jaipur will add up a lot of Skills in your Resume. The Skill set you will develop is HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (Responsive Designing), Javascript, jQuery, Basic Graphic Designing and some projects too on which you work on during the web design training.

Web Designing Course Syllabus

Introduction to Web Designing

  • send What is Web Design
  • send Client & Server
  • send Domain Name, Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • send Career Opportunities

HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language)

  • send Basic introduction to HTML
  • send Structure of HTML & Your first web page
  • send Finding best code editor
  • send Basic HTML Tags
  • send Lists, Links, Tables
  • send Metadata and Hyperlinks
  • send Blockquotes and Anchors
  • send Working with Forms

CSS (Cascading StyleSheet)

  • send Basic styling for a web page
  • send Internal and External CSS
  • send Inline CSS and Style Blocks
  • send Importance of Div, IDs and Classes
  • send Setting layout of a page
  • send Playing with Images
  • send CSS Tricks and Hacks


  • send Bootstrap Overview & Installation
  • send Grid System
  • send Setting Layouts with Bootstrap
  • send Responsive Web Designing
  • send Components & Utilities


  • send Client Side Scripting
  • send Introduction to Javascript
  • send Various Expressions in Javascript
  • send Integrating Javascript in HTML
  • send Events & DOM
  • send Arrays in Javascript
  • send Handling loops and decision control statements
  • send Validating form data


  • send Introduction to jQuery
  • send Traversing DOM Structure
  • send Working with DOM
  • send Events Handling
  • send Sliding, Fading, Toggling, Hide & Show
  • send jQuery and Ajax Calls

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