Why Should You Learn PHP?

PHP is very easy and effective language that has a never ending demand. It is giving opportunities to everyone as it has become the fastest growing Web Development Language now. Today, we’ll discuss everything you need to know and decide why should you learn PHP!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a business owner, an IT professional, fresher, job seeker or just a class 12th student, you really need to know about it and this article is for you.

Why is PHP So Important?

As We all know, PHP is a server side programming language used to develop websites and online web applications.

Mostly in India use of PHP has grown rapidly, within decades. Many big and successful websites and applications are using PHP as a primary language for their developments. But In India, there are some common questions and confusions that arises in a programmer’s mind.

  • Stats show that 75-80% websites are powered with PHP.
  • Is this a buzzword? Well, the statistics speak in the favors of PHP. There is a huge scope, giving you tons of job opportunities.
  • Keeping in view internet growth, it is an opportunity as well as a necessity for every business owner small or big, national or international to come on digital platforms. PHP is the key to digital representation.
  • And as soon as you join the race the better it would be. And the 'First mover advantage' applies on both today, an employer and employee.

In India, there are some common questions and confusions arises in a Programmer’s mind , such as:

  • There are less career opportunities in PHP, how will I grow?
  • Big brands are not using PHP , I will never get opportunities to work in MNC as a PHP Developer !!!
  • All says PHP is a very easy language, then how will it be the most used and trending web development language?

Let's get your doubts about PHP answered.

Why You Should Learn PHP being a Fresher, an IT Professional or a Business Person?

#1 A Wide Variety of Dynamic Career Opportunities

There are a lot of career opportunities in PHP. Since PHP is a web development language, Today more than 80% of websites are using PHP Scripting language. Out of them, 40% are big brands like Yahoo, Facebook, etc. are using PHP. You can choose web development as your core expertise with PHP.

Even CMS (Content management System) like Wordpress is made using PHP. Many E-commerce Platforms are developed with PHP. So, you can have opportunities in working above domains with PHP. Now PHP is used in almost all kind of business domains.

Unlike any other degree programs, php gives you a huge scope and multitude of job options. If you compare, you will find these jobs are quite interesting and dynamic.

Whether it is Website Creation job, where you need to have good web designing and web layout management skills; Web Application Development requires you to be logical, creative and out of the box thinking.

Nobody wants to sit in a square space anymore and that’s the greatest advantage of these jobs that they are location independent and you can start freelancing or consulting after a certain time. Even the jobs at the entry level pays you pretty decent.

These jobs are perfect for the youth who want fun, explore and create something new, love challenges and also have freedom in their work. That's the kind of lifestyle which is possible with a career in web development using PHP.

#2 PHP as Open Source

One good thing about PHP is, it has a strong open source community, which gives you classic products like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress which are very strong platforms for website development. And it's absolutely FREE. To resolve any related issues, there are a lot of professionals worldwide.

As industry uses PHP Frameworks, you can go for it after experiencing Core PHP. PHP frameworks are also available under open source license. To jump, start your practice on PHP, just install bundled application Xampp or Wamp. Be ready to enjoy the power of open source.

#3 Expected Skill to Have for BCA, MCA and B.Tech (C.S)/(I.T) Students

According to the survey, 20 percent of graduates being actually employable despite the robust demand for Engineers.

Traditional web development methods are shifting and enterprises or companies are seeking for people who have a better understanding of latest web development technologies such as PHP, Javascript, JS Libraries such as React JS, Node JS, etc.

In the coming future, PHP will be prerequisite for any Computer student. Students who start now will have early bird advantage. You can also do the web designing and web development course along with your regular degree program, therefore by the time you pass out, you will be industry ready.

#4 Will Get you Better Paid

PHP is becoming the most sought-after skill. Being a student if you are pursuing graduation degree like B.C.A., B.A., M.C.A., PHP will get you preference over others and better paid.

Even now non-engineering students are also taking web development seriously. By looking at the growth of IT Industry and importance of World Wide Web, It’s not wrong to say that web development is an essential skill now.


Can you imagine..!! Big brands like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, WordPress and many others, they uses PHP a lot for their development projects.

In India, even the top brands as TCS, HCL, CSC, HP, Intel and IBM, Persistent, Cybage, L&T, Infotech, Clarion Technologies works in PHP. Many other top companies as IndiaTimes.com, ibibo.com, rediff.com and Naukri.com do projects in PHP.

Many Top and Medium level organizations uses PHP based CMS like, Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, etc. for Website development and PHP Frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, etc. for online applications development. As PHP Frameworks are very handy and project management is very efficient with it.

#6 You Can Start Your Own Venture or Support Your Family Business

You must have heard and know Blogger that are becoming hugely popular among the present generation. Web Designing and Web Development plays the huge role there as well. As Technical knowledge is necessary to optimize blog's article to satisfy the needs of Search Engines.

Through the knowledge of php, you can deliver good looking, well optimized web pages to end users and search engines.

Besides this, you can also support your family business. Well, what is the best way than to help your father in his business. You can take your business to digital and can have global exposure just by creating a website. This brings you better customer relationship and brand image

Other than these obvious reasons, there are few other reasons that you just cannot ignore and make excuses that why you cannot do a course in web designing and web development.

  • Short Term Course - PHP training is the least time taking. You can enroll yourself for 2 months program, where you invest just 1-2 hours a day.
  • Affordable - Unlike other degree programs, php training program is quite affordable. Can do online and offline - there is a number of options available as per your requirement. If you don’t want to do classroom training, go for online classes.

So these were the top reasons why you must do a course in a web designing and web development. If you still not convinced then check out the scope of PHP and if you started to consider it and want to know more Check out PHP Training in Chandigarh.

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