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We at Dot Com Inventions provide responsive design code to view from all screen sizes whether it's Monitors, Tablets, Laptops or mobiles. As a leading Website Development Company in Chandigarh, we give special care to build, design, market, manage and monetize the website of your business.

A website should be full of functionality and creativity which helps hike up the web presence of your business because it is the first-hand impression on the web. It also should be created attractive and effective as it works as a platform giving an outstanding passage to expose your business portfolio. Your website must be quickly responsive to ensure a fascinating and usable website for every customer who is searching.

As your partner, we strike the perfect balance between performance and presentation by creating the design of your site which truly seeks to achieve your goals.

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Our Website Development Services in Chandigarh

Static Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Static Website Development

Static website designing includes both small and big websites with a simple design and no complex programming. It helps to load faster and launch at a quicker rate. It is the best way to introduce and promote your business. Our web designing company in Chandigarh and Jaipur will always follow that time constraint is the main key factor. This design does not require E-commerce system databases or extensive custom coding.

Dynamic Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Dynamic Website Development

A dynamic website is a design that can change things according to the requirement of the user or the computer program. It displays various content every time the page is viewed. This website enables updates of the information frequently. At Dot Com Inventions, we are providing web design service in India and our team is proficient in Dynamic website Designing Services with the most economical cost.

Responsive Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Responsive Website Development

The strategic web design approach of our company makes it possible to create a responsive website for you. Your website is responsive to all devices like tablets, desktops, mobile phones etc. This website suggests the idea that design and development should respond to the behavior and environment of users according to screen size, orientation and platform.

Ecommerce Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Ecommerce Website Development

An eCommerce website enables you to deliver high-quality solutions quickly. We make the optimal use of resources and tools and approaches to delivering high-end solutions. Running an eCommerce site is a tricky task. So, we, as a web development company in Chandigarh develop an eCommerce portal that entails all required features to simplify your task.

Custom Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Custom Website Development

Basically, design is a process of learning and understanding the ups and downs of your business. You need to apply a sound strategy, design execution, user experience, marketing, and programming to lead a successful online business. Every aspect is fulfilled according to your organizational goals. This website is to accommodate the essential elements needed to make your business appealing & engaging.

Wordpress Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

WordPress Website Development

This website is used to create a highly functional blog. It includes branding, search engine optimization, and visitor conversions. It started as a blogging system but has evolved to be used as full content management and many more through thousands of plugins, themes, and widgets.

Catalogue Website Development Services in Chandigarh and Jaipur

Catalog Website Development

This website is used for many businesses, mainly industrial companies. It is an innovative method to maximize the business by customizing your website design according to your requirements and interests.

Our Portfolio

Our Process of Website Design and Development Chandigarh

All projects are different but we have created a process that serves us and our clients well among many websites builds.

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Technical Discovery

(Assessing the situation, requirements and goals)

First of all, we start by evaluating your current scenario and technology stack by talking to your key stakeholders and tech leads. Our motive is to comprehend the needs of your technology requirements. Knowing about the technical requirements is an essential part of the strategy process and integrated discovery.

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(Creating a tech strategy that works)

A desirable and skilful balancing of factors is required for an optimal technology architecture like needs of present and future, integrations, workflows, regular requirements, technical resources, and most importantly budget to arrive at the right solution. Our web design and development company works as your strategic partner which helps to rebuild your stack or finds a solution to play well with the help of tools you have.

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Design + Copywriting

(Delivering a complete website solution)

We are the best website development company in Chandigarh and Jaipur which is capable of tackling your digital strategy, website design, information architecture and content writing. We make the initial planning which the site needs for the features so that we can scale development properly. We design the website with the unique capabilities of the platform.

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Front and Back-End Coding

Most of our clients prefer a hybrid development approach, so we build the MVP using a waterfall method, then add new improvements and features in Agile sprints. But, we can work through other ways also. Our team members are fluent in the languages of methods of web development including PHP, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery and CSS. For a broad range of CMS options, we have expertise with many certifications with our range of partnerships. A dedicated technical Project Manager is assigned to each website who supports your Account Director in managing the work efficiently with time and budget.

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(Testing against over 100 checkpoints)

We act fanatically about QA with teams evaluating the site against over 100 checkpoints before it gets close to going live. We share the participation of our clients during the site is in bets, it lives on a development server. You and your team can play with it and help us remove any bugs.

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CMS Training + Launch

(Preparing your team for handover)

We don't follow the strategy of just throwing you the keys and running when we open your new website. We take you through the CMS and explain to you how to use it and ensure everyone that they can comfortably touch and manage the website. Now, it covers the time to celebrate with launching and planning enhancement which provide much value to your business.

Why We are the best Web Development Agency in Chandigarh?

  • We have gained abundant experience in creating E-commerce websites, brand identity designs, customized web applications, personal blogs and corporate websites along with responsive mobile-friendly websites.
  • We are well known by our clients for our services. We provide quality and valuable solutions. We earn a name and fame in this field and take a lot of companies in the race of competition.
  • We consider each and every project important and unique, fulfill their tasks on time and deliver it with the best concern. With perfect use of our expertise, our web design and development company work in its respective domain.
  • At Dot Com Inventions, we are a one-stop destination for all kinds of web designing services. So, give a chance to our web design and development company in Chandigarh to work together with your projects and grab the opportunities which will positively make your company the best result oriented.
  • We have some specialties to be followed:
    • Professional Development
    • SEO Friendly Development
    • Responsive Design
    • Multiple Frameworks Expertise
    • Creative Minds
    • Passionate for Work
    • Great Support
    • Security Support