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Content is the heart and soul of each and every digital marketing initiative.

Content works like a glue which ties SEO, Outbound link building and the success of social media together. If your content is not up to the mark, your marketing campaigns can never achieve the heights of success. It is essential to collect the relevant and valuable content to deliver the right message to the target audience with conviction and authority. We at Dot Com Inventions provide unique and quality content tailored for your audience which can engage your audience.

  • Content makes you searchable & Reliable - Compelling content is a significant part in the algorithm of Google. A high quality content with its engaging and systematic presentation is very helpful to develop the trust in the audience.
  • Content is how you get involved - Content creates a connection between you and your potential customers with your business well. So, it is the best way which makes you engage with your audience and begins a dynamic conversation with them.
Content Writing services in india

Why Content Marketing?

There are various reasons why you must give a damn about content. Frankly talking, it works as a big power which completely feeds your whole content marketing machine. That's why you cannot spew bad content into the system.

A good content includes knowledge, expertisation, and time to be written. We build craft and design outstanding quality content which becomes addictively enjoyable.

We have a team of expert writers who work on various themes - science, art and business. Content passes an overlay of creative to ensure that it is engaging people. Content acts as a driver for your business goals.

At last, it is customized on the basis of medium of delivery- social, websites, microsites, lead forms, text, images, videos, AR, VR and many more.

Our Content Writing Services

Content Writing services in india

Articles & Listicles Writing

Article writing services helps to develop a strong online presence, increase exposure and build credibility for your business. There is need to present high quality, well researched articles which generate powerful and valuable backlinks to your website.

Content Writing services in india

Blog Content Writing

It helps you to connect with your audience through fresh content developed by Blog & Website writers. The bloggers, we provide you are extremely trained. They create content which connects to your potential customers in their language.

Content Writing services in india

SEO Content Writing

These writers help you providing with search engine optimized articles which are cost effective yet deliver you real SEO benefit. With the help of our Content Writing services in india, you get a top notch content for your business.

Content Writing services in india

Website Content Writing

The main aim of our content writing services for websites is to educate your customers about your business, establish your credibility in your field. You can improve your search engine ranking through our compelling web content.

Content Writing services in india

Product Description Writing

Our cutting-edge writers provide you the services of product description which compel your online audience to make a purchase. We provide you a more persuasive product description kike how to guides, user guides, product bullets, user guides, buying guides and feature content.

Content Writing services in india

Press Release Writing

The main aim of our content writing services for websites is to educate your customers about your business, establish your credibility in your field. You can improve your search engine ranking through our compelling web content.

Content Writing services in india

Email Newsletter Writing

We aim to reach more target audience. Focused newsletters help to get more qualified leads and generate much sales with functional, engaging and goal oriented team.

Our Process of Content Writing

A great content brings qualified clients to you. The success of content requires strategy, agility, a willingness of providing value and persistence. SO, here we are discussing a well-honed content marketing pattern which leaves a space for both inspiration and analysis.

content writing services for websites


(A deep dive into the facts)

We initiate by knowing the interest of your audience- their questions and their requirements. We provide content competitors who fight for the attention of your audience but they never angle of their business. We collect the information of the style how you work and how we can harness to produce the best ever content.

content writing services for websites


(Getting informed and inspired)

First, we understood the depth of your business and our goals. Then together, we come up with best business relevant ideas which adds value to your audience. We come up with some winners and then we pitch them for feedback.

content writing services for websites

Copywriting + Design

(Putting pen to paper)

We have the best Content Writing services in india and with the help of our knowledge and learning, apply your brand voice and perspective to create compelling content. Our content team works very hard with design and ensures that your content can grab potential audience's attention and hold it with and outstanding vision.

content writing services for websites

Launch + Promotion

(Getting attention for our hard work)

It is not sufficient to only launch your content. After launching it, the promotion strategy must be implemented smartly as your content creation plan. There is an importance of owned, earned and paid tactics to promote your content. Social promotion and digital PR can be added for enormous value. SO, paid promotions can give you the benefit of expanding your reach and provide a wealth of new data.

content writing services for websites

Measurement + Iteration

(Tracking performance and doing it all again)

Content marketing does not track on conversions similarly like digital ads. But, measurement helps to generate insight, gauge performance as well as plan future content. The purpose of content marketing is to raise awareness and attract interest from prospects. So, our main focus is on setting engagements and brand lifting unless you serve another specific purpose through your content in your conversion funnel. Each content piece is like a launching pad for the next.

Why Choose Dot Com Inventions?

  • Versatile Writing - Content must be versatile as it is an art which needs you to say the same thing in many ways. We understand the requirements of your customers to recommend which content is to consume at what stage.
  • Grammar - The tradition of good grammar should not lose its place. A short, crispy and précised content is far better than 2000 words ramble which is just a cut and paste from online. So, we are more focused on quality not quantity.
  • Refreshing - We are content innovators and creative mischief makers. We try our best to follow the policy of having fun.
  • Build Brand Awareness - Brand awareness is the best aspect of content marketing which can work well if done in a right way. It enables discoverability of what your brand needs to offer. It involves a specific writing with QnA formats to create affinity with the brand.
  • Analysis and Optimization - It is most important in content marketing to see where you are, where you want to be and be on the track of incremental progress. We provide you a quick and concise view of the progress of your business through our custom reports.