Video Production Company in India

Hire The Best Video Production Company in India to Increase Your Brand Views

Dot Com Inventions is the leading video production company in India that provides high-quality video production services in India to deliver professional videos for your business Video marketing is a powerful, flexible tool that can help you to establish your brand, connect with your customers, and increase sales. Video marketing is found to be more effective than other forms of online marketing. It helps in increasing conversions by 80% and also helps in increasing traffic to the site. You don't need to be worried if you have no idea how, to begin with, video marketing. 

We help you craft some amazing videos to help increase your user engagement rate. In addition, we create quality videos using the latest types of equipment along with advanced video editing software to deliver you the best possible results. Our team of experts is dedicated to giving the best possible experience to you at an easily affordable rate that perfectly suits your budget.

Video Production company in india

Why Choose Dot Com Inventions as the best Video Production Company in India?

If you query about a Video Production company in India then look no further Dot Com Inventions is the best that provides video production services at your doorstep. Whether you're looking for a one-off project or need ongoing video production services, we have got you covered! We offer both short-term as well as long-term video production services in India at an affordable price. We also provide post-production editing services so that you'll get exactly what you want without any hassle! Just tell us what you need and we'll create it.

We have a team of expert video producers who are dedicated to their work and are always ready to put in their best efforts to deliver quality results. Our team members have years of experience creating videos for businesses across multiple industries. They use advanced video production techniques and equipment in order to deliver high-quality results within the given time period, and that’s what makes us the leading video production company in India.

We understand that every business has its own unique needs so we deliver customized solutions at an affordable price. In addition, we give our clients complete freedom over the creative process so they can get what they want without any boundaries or limitations! We offer 100% client satisfaction on all our services!

Our Creative and Effective Video Production Services in India

Now every business is using video marketing, as a part of their business strategy in order to increase sales but simply creating a video and putting it online is not at all sufficient and that’s how we come into the picture, we create attention-grabbing videos that help connect your brand with the right audience, and that what makes us the first choice for video production services in India.

We have a team of skilled video makers who are experts at creating top-notch videos for every client. These videos are not only visually pleasing but also have a strong message. Our team makes sure that each video is unique, stands out, and delivers a powerful message. We have made thousands of videos for our clients, and each of them is different. The types of videos we make for our clients depend on their needs and requirements. For example, if you want to promote your company’s products or services on social media, you can use a social media marketing video. These types of videos are short, creative, and eye-catching. With our expertise and commitment to every project, we ensure you attain the desired results from your product promotion campaign. Our team of quality video makers provides you with a quick service that no one else comes across on the internet marketing hub. We are pros at combining creative ideas with on-screen expertise to provide you with the most gripping video content.

Corporate Video Production Services in Chandigarh

Corporate Video

Corporate videos also help to increase brand awareness and also attract clients and these videos are quietly different from documentary videos. Since the videos are made for profit-based businesses, hence the name corporate videos. However, the client may call the video anything from a documentary to a corporate video. There are a lot of types of corporate videos like Product videos, Showpieces, Case studies, testimonials, Brand Culture videos, Culture videos, tutorials behind the scenes, Presentations or Lectures, and so on.

Documentary and Short Films Production Services in Chandigarh

Documentary and Short Films

We have expertise in designing these types of videos. it is the fundamental kind of video that helps most professional videographers make a living. The documentary videos are always promotional. One thing is very true about the documentary style: the role of real people, the real world, and the real voices are there to tell a story. The reality of T.V. is almost documentary style. One more important thing is also related to documentary style that it created the basis for a number of different types of video productions and they might be event-based, educational, commercial, wedding, or for any occasion or audience.

Live Events Streaming Services in Chandigarh

Live Events Streaming

When a picture can be worth a thousand words then a video can be worth at least a million. It gives you the benefit of strong entertainment value, greater audience engagement, premier idea sharing, and so on. So, videos provide better connectivity with your audience, cultivate an emotion that they feel like they are part of the excitement, and harvest engagement in such a way that a scripted or edited video could never be.

Implementing this strategy in your online marketing is the key to overall success.

Advertisement Video Production Services in Chandigarh

Advertisement Video

Ad films are very short promotional videos whether they are for the web or TV broadcast. It is also used to describe the final output of some brands. A number of companies are looking to create short commercials for business promotion. Advertisements are a creative solution to extend your reach to a wider audience. It's quite cheaper to show a sponsored ad on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook with a high target audience. So, Our Video Production Company in India provides you with creative ideas for ad films.

Teaser and Promos Production Services in Chandigarh

Teaser and Promos

There are a lot of people who organize various events that use videos for event marketing as it is a unique way to reach and engage with customers by emotions and following the value of 'show, don't tell. Teasers are created for the 'Pre Event' phase when so much energy is focused to attract the target audience. Promos also contain the same criteria and are distributed on all channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, or any channel where you find the relevant audience.

Cinematic Shoot Production Services in Chandigarh

Cinematic Shoot

It is an art of motion and storytelling. It involves controlling what the viewers see and how the scene is presented to them. The technique is gaining popularity due to the rising availability of drones. It enhances the experience, communication, beauty, feelings, stories, and perceptions through sensory stimulations.

So, no need to wait anymore. Not only does this shoot about the detail of your products, business, and services but also creates ads stuff which helps to sell your products.

Pre-Wedding Shoot Production Services in Chandigarh

Pre-Wedding Shoot

Photography has the power to capture moments and memories eternally. It provides you with the memories that you deserve where every picture is worth art. Our wedding photography services provide you with the facility of pre-wedding video photo shoots and candid wedding photography.

Candid Photography Production Services in Chandigarh

Candid Photography

Candid photography is captured without creating a posed appearance. Instead, these photographs require enough planning, the right gear, and strategic positioning among everything. So, in this regard, it contains a photo-journalistic vibe. This photograph is full of life and emotion. Our photography experts can help you if you think of adding candid photography to your site which is no doubt a very good strategy for presenting anything.

We have achieved the expertise in the above-mentioned services so just discuss your requirements with us and we will deliver you the best result.

Complete Video Production Process: How We Work

  • Ideation Phase

Our team of video makers starts the creation process by brainstorming. We gather the necessary information about the topic, brand, or product and discuss how to best represent it. This step is crucial because it helps us build a solid foundation for our ideas. After we come up with some great ideas, we move on to the next phase.

  • Pre-Production/Design Phase

As an experienced video production agency in India, we make a comprehensive list of all the elements that are going to be used in making your video. We also decide on the location and time of the shooting, while keeping in mind that they should match your brand image. We then put together a detailed production plan that includes all the aspects of shooting and editing, right from scripting to final delivery. The pre-production stage also involves storyboarding and scheduling shoots so that everything goes according to plan during filming.

  • Shooting Phase

Our team of video makers begins with planning all shots needed for your video’s script. Then we start bringing your idea into reality by shooting on location and crafting some amazing videos using state-of-the-art equipment to ensure high-quality output at an affordable price point! Our team works hard to capture every shot perfectly so that you will have no qualms about showing off this piece of work.

  • Editing Phase

Once the shooting is complete, we go into post-production. Our video editors work under the supervision of a senior editor to make sure that your video is shot in sync with the script and edited perfectly.

  • Delivery Phase

We then deliver your video in the format you have requested. Our videos can be delivered on DVD, Blu-Ray, digital or web formats, or even shared with you online. Keeping up with the times, we can also provide you with a link to view your video as well as a password-protected link for viewing it on your website.

We deliver the desired results to our clients by following all the above-mentioned procedures, so hiring us for video production services in India will be your best decision.

Reasons to Hire Video Production Services in India for Business Growth

  • Engaging Videos

If you are looking to create videos for your business or blog but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on buying expensive equipment, then you can choose video production services in India. Hiring Dot Com Inventions a reliable video production company in India can provide you with a difference from the rest and will help grab customer attention.

  • Help Save Time and Money

Creating videos is not everyone's cup of tea as it requires expertise in video production along with a sound knowledge of video editing software. And that’s why using a video production service helps you save money by saving the cost of buying new equipment.

  • Focus on Core Business Functions

You can focus on other important tasks and responsibilities of your business. Also, video production services in India like ours can provide you with customized videos that are suitable for your business. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about whether the video’s theme or topic is relevant to your business or not. Furthermore, with India’s reliable video production company, you can trust your company’s most sensitive information.

Frequently Asked Questions - Video Production Company in India

We produce high-quality videos for businesses of all types and sizes. Plus we also provide editing and post-production services to give your videos an edge over your competitors.

Generally, we try to provide you with the video within a week or two but again it all depends upon the type of video and the complexity of the project.

Yes, changes after approving the video will require an additional cost and this will be disclosed to you in advance.

We follow a total of 5 steps, starting with the ideation phase where we brainstorm various ideas so as to gather complete information about your product. Followed by the pre-production phase, shooting phase, video editing phase, and lastly, the delivery phase wherein we provide you with the complete as per your requirement

We prefer payment of 50% once the two teams have finalized the deal or proposal, followed by the remaining 50% settled before delivery or publication of the finished project, which may be digital prints or high-resolution PDFs for use Printing can act.