Re-Optimize Your Old Content And Drive More Traffic

Sometimes things don’t work the way you have thought. You wrote a masterpiece that you thought would vigorously spread on Google and social media. But nothing happens as per your thinking, even after weeks of publishing it. Then you decide to write another epic blog post by spending a ton of time. But again you come up with the same result. Now, what’s the matter? Have you been writing so badly? What’s going wrong?<br>&nbsp;<br>Give yourself some time to think about why some of your best blog posts don’t get any traffic?<br>This is a huge problem faced by thousands of bloggers around the globe. The one major solution is to Re-optimizing your old blog posts and content.

Now, what this re-optimizing the old content means?

 In the hustle of quickly posting new content and high results, it has become so easy to focus ahead on the next new thing, instead of reflecting back on the old. With the word “optimization”, it is there in everybody’s mind to optimize your content before publishing. But after a certain extent of time, you somehow forget to recheck and update the same content.
 Reoptimizing an old post often takes less effort than creating something from the start and also helps to create an everlasting content across your entire website. It is widely used by the majority of bloggers and SEO’s to increase their search traffic without creating more content.

  • How re-optimizing your existing content helps? 

Usually, most of the people worry about the fact that optimizing content means using relevant keywords and SEO practices. These are the correct, but in addition, it’s also about building up trust, and authority. It helps in the following ways:

  1. It increases search traffic to your old content in a fast manner. 
  2. It increases your overall website’s content quality.
  3. It helps in building the audience and its confidence in your brand.

In this article, we’ll talk about how you can improve your traffic from Google by re-optimizing your existing blog content.

  • Develop a Vigorous Content Marketing Strategy

You have to make a content marketing strategy to hold a large number of audience on your website. 
Here are some ways to update your posts to increase your blog traffic- 

  1. You should track the performance of your readers and viewers on the page by estimating the views. 
  2. Have you noticed if your posts are generating leads or not?
  3. Does each post give a strong message about particular content to a large number of an audience out there?

If the answers are “no” to any of these questions, you could benefit from the particular marketing strategy. Evolve your content marketing strategy by focussing on the right audience with the help of the strategy below:  

  • Optimize your Images

In this era of digitalization, more and more people rely on content that contains a large number of images and pictographs. The new posts obviously will have more images and related data according to the need of the hour, but what lags behind is your old content.
If your old post only has one or no image in it, hunt for ways to add additional visuals. Not only do images add a change of stimulus for the reader, disrupting the language of heavy and boring texts, but they also give your post some extra SEO. Images also have an additional benefit of searching over on the Google Image searches. Therefore forgetting to optimize your images is a huge missed organic ranking opportunity.
Here are a few ways to fully utilize your images on the blog:

  1. Reduce the size of your image sizes for quicker load time.
  2. You can also add up the creative dimension to heat up the content with photos, like including doodling on them. 
  3. Ensure that all images are named according to keywords of the content. 
  4. Make your own photos or create your own information graphics to better demonstrate what words can’t express always.
  • Add Helpful Links or Backlinks

You should try to reference a credible source, or create a link back to your page. If you add a backlink to your page, it will not only increase other websites’ views but also increase your ranking organically for your query or similar search terms.
If you reference a credible source, link back to their page especially if that site is already ranking organically for your query or similar search terms. It always helps Google’s validation for building backlinks as a ranking factor and also links off to other sites shows the search engine that you are talking about something related. 
It not only helps Google’s algorithm to determine semantic relation but a post without any references could sound as poorly researched. The link to credible trusted sources shows both search engines and readers that your information is valid and supported by various reputed members in the industry.

  • Embed a Video

The majority of people are switching to “Play” instead of reading.  In fact, half of the time online is spent watching a video. So, you should try adding a video in tandem with your content post. It can be either an instructional, step-by-step tutorial or a brief preview of what’s written in the text below with the help of animation or pictures. It has been proven with time that videos not only boost engagement but some people grasp and learn better through these motion visuals. 
You can insert or embed your video anywhere of the content such as at the top, or within your blog don’t forget to add closed-captioning so its content will be screened by search engines. You can also generate more traffic on your content by posting on various platforms like youtube, the world’s second-largest search engine.  

  • Try new formats for old content

Most of the people these days just do not like long articles or blogs. The audience is happy to grasp carefully created posts, but some of them, such as the big posts, are usually skipped irrespective of how exciting they are. You can decrease the length of your content by including more pictures, videos, and slideshows. This will not only bring exciting positivity in the minds of readers, but also will allow you to publish content on different websites by adding a link to your blog, and this will bring a guaranteed influx of new audiences. 
By following the above strategies and methods, you will definitely observe a surge in the number of viewers or audience on your content.

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