How to Use SEO in 2020: New Trends and Challenges

As online competition is increasing and new websites are setting up over the years, Search engine optimization (SEO) has also evolved along with. Today people are extensively using their mobile phones for all the online searches and surfing which were earlier used to be done on desktop computers. The mobile currently accounts for more than half of all the global web pages searched, when compared to desktop, so there is a need to look and focus on the digital requirements of the future. These digital requirements include not only the strategies for better marketing but also aids in challenges faced by SEO in the coming years. 

SEO isn’t just about serving keywords but also making some specific changes to the scheme and content of your website in order to make it more attractive and relevant. There has been a wide argument present about the relevancy of Keywords and how these keywords based search optimization will change the way how Search Engines show results.
With voice search, Virtual Reality and Artificial intelligence stepping into the Digital Marketing media, it’s important to go through the things before they overturn. So, there could be a massive change by these marketing media strategies in how you work as Search Engine Optimizers. Therefore by knowing the SEO trends and challenges for 2020, will help you prepare and modernize your site along with an assurance of your target audience that finds your company through the search engine results. 

Here is the list of various SEO trends and challenges for SEO that would be shaping up for 2020 

  • Optimized quality Content – SEO is directly or indirectly affected by the content and its quality on your website. For correctly shaping up 2020, you will have to write something relevant and valuable. You should make it your aim to have the best content on the web for your particular topic, this will enhance your SEOs. According to the trend of 2020, you and your digital marketing company have to understand these trends regarding content such as to understand who your audience is how they search, and the intention behind their questions. You should also try to give them solutions or answers in their preferred formats. You should execute in this manner in every stage of your company to create a satisfactory experience that serves their needs repeatedly. 
  • Advanced Visual Searches- More and more audiences are running toward the proximity of images. People are searching more for images than ever before. In 2020 the number of image searches on various search engines like Pinterest and Google images has gone high like never before. If these numbers are anything to go by, then 2020 is poised to be the year for the visual search to leap. This can work as an SEO challenge for 2020 as people are using visual search mostly to get directions and identify various locations such as shops, recipes, towers, and many more. This proves why today’s generation wants visual search capabilities more than any other new technology. To make your sites’ content to be served well in front of your audience don’t forget to take care of the desired SEO. 
  • Online Video trend– The online Video trend is increasing day by day as the number of people gathering around the internet is increasing in the same proportion. This video content should essentially be part of your SEO strategy, as almost all businesses are making their sites attractive by using video on their sites today. Today and in years to come, the online video trend will make a huge difference in your SEO strategy. To take advantage of this trend, you can organize your matter into small parts that help Google and search engines understand the video’s content and also use the captions to help your audience understand the video. You can also optimize your video content for SEO, by adding a keyword in the title. One and foremost thing you can do is embed the video content into your blog posts. This will improve the ratings of your website. 
  • Voice search on the peak- Today’s phase is at the zenith of using voice search on the internet. According to recent studies, it has been proved that merely 41 percent of young people carry out online searches using voice every day and it has increased much in previous years.   So here is the need to optimize the voice search function for your content and website, so your content can rank high in search results.  You can also try to link some questions based on this voice search according to your data and content. 
  • Artificial Intelligence and its Growth– Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the SEO trends. AI can identify the data patterns to collect accurate, information, and evaluate the quality of your content, along with targeting your audience.  Along with AI, Virtual reality (VR) is also impacting SEO trends fully as it helps to create simulated environments through which users can experience sound and vision properly. Search engines are now relying more on AI for search query handling and to carry out the best results, which in turn makes SEO the master of the digital world.  You can use AI, and VR to get the most out of your SEO services by creating content based on particular queries, to get higher ranks. You can also create impressive website experiences to enhance the user experience and engagement. Therefore all these techniques help shape the SEO trends and challenges for 2020. 

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