Significance Of Video Production and Marketing In 2021

Lately, video production has turned into an essential part of B2B as well as B2C marketing. With Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and memes becoming the center of attraction, it is only justified to use these channels as a means of finding potential leads. Whether you are trying to get some attention via emails, google ads, or social media, a proper video of your offerings will go a long way over other means of promotion. You just need to find the right kind of video production services to turn things in your favor. 

There is no lack of companies out there that failed to acknowledge the golden significance of videos and lost their edge in a market full of competitors. Whatever excuse you wish to coin in this respect, be it lack of talent, time, or money, its worth cannot be more than the opportunities you lose to your biggest competitors out there. 

Why Are Videos So Important For Your Marketing Plans?

Whenever you are looking for a business associate or vendor, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Do you want to read their endless web pages, and white papers or just browse through the homepage, check out their blog, and see if there is a video that can give you the required information within a few minutes? Can you deny that the same thought passing through your client’s mind? Hope it paints a clearer picture of what you might be losing by staying in denial. 

There are a few other figures that need close consideration before you chuck the idea of looking for a suitable corporate video production services provider:

  • Studies suggest that companies that include video marketing in their plans speed up their revenues by 49 percent as compared to others. 
  • 59 percent of senior executives give a higher preference to a video than reading a copy. 
  • More than seventy percent of B3B marketers believe in the efficiency of videos with respect to conversions. 
  • Video strategies have helped more than three-fourths of their users achieve tangible results that altered the course of their businesses. 

These are just some of the key takeaways that clarify the growing impact of videos on business growth and development. As more and more companies are realizing its potential, they are making efforts to solidify their foothold in their respective market niche with video production. 

What is the difference between B2B and B2C Videos?

B2B videos are completely different from B2C videos. The demand for creativity and engagement is much higher in the case of B2C videos. The content can be funny, slightly out of context, or a little juvenile as the sole focus is on keeping the customer engaged till the end of the video. However, a B2B client may not find that interesting at any point. Humour and irreverence have no place when it comes to B2B interactions. The content of such videos need to be substantial, to the point, and relevant to the message it intends to deliver. It is not driven by emotion but by rational, well-calculated facts and figures that promise an expected return to the vendor or potential business partner you are trying to woe. There is less scope for any over-sentimentality in it. However, in both cases, you need a professional video company by your side. This requirement is the reason for the rising demand for video production services in India. 

Classification of Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are strictly B2B videos that need to get the attention of your potential investors, business associates, partners, and so on. There are various types of corporate videos that can help you reach out to your potential clients: 

  • Animated Explainers: Animated videos are best when you wish to give your client an overview of your capabilities. Animated videos are much needed when you need your message to be informative and fast-paced at the same time. It keeps the viewer engaged while keeping the content relevant and connected to the main theme of the video. The basic intent behind animated videos is to
  • Product Promoters: This category of videos is reserved for an audience that has an idea about your products and services. They would click on these videos when their interest is intrigued which means they got a prelim of your site somewhere else. Such videos are normally pretty straightforward as they showcase various capabilities, tools, features, and all related information about a given product. You would want to make the content for such products clear and transparent. Make sure that it is not burdened with unwanted technical information and product specifications.
  • Case Studies: If you are a storyteller with a great story, then bring it out in the limelight. Case studies are beneficial when you need to share client-specific content which means you will be showcasing the features related to your product along with a success story. Case studies are more useful when you are a service provider, most video production companies in India use a before-and-after format. It shows the challenges faced by users and how your service or product helped in resolving those problems. The intent of such videos is to help buyers who are in the final stage of making a purchase decision. They are the ones who will be interested to know how your product changed things for others.
  • Testimonials: Good customer experience is a matter of great pride for any brand. Nothing promotes your offering better than an appreciation story from the consumer. Testimonials are different from case studies as the former is more focused on customer experience and quotes their words directly. Also, the length of testimonials is often shorter than that of case studies. Also, case studies focus on the value a brand offers to the user while a testimonial highlights the user’s overall experience with the brand. But just like case studies, testimonials are very useful in the final stage of the purchase process. It can easily make you stand out in the crowd of vendors and service providers. If you find it Useful, Share This:

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