Graphic Designing Company Vs Freelance Graphic Designer: How To Choose One?

The current pandemic has taken globalization to a completely different level. While the world got distant physically and geographically, it got closer and tightly knit online. Work from home became the new office motto and businesses ran on online channels. These new dynamics have thrown in some new ideas and trends and reignited the debate about choosing between companies and freelancers. 

The pros and cons for both sides outweigh each other. For example, the best graphic design companies in India ensure on-time delivery and high-quality work, while freelance graphic designers ensure the same but sometimes they are more budget-friendly, and sometimes they fail to meet the timeline. 
Therefore, the final decision lies with you on how you analyze your requirements and choose one of the two. In the upcoming paragraphs, we will be discussing a few advantages and shortcomings of both freelance graphic designers and full-fledged graphic design companies. You may decide the most suitable option for you after analyzing the story of both sides.

What’s Good About Hiring A Graphic Designing Agency?

  • Reliability: Companies are more reliable as compared to individuals. They cannot disappear within minutes or hours. That is the first point that stands tall in favor of graphic design companies. For example, most people looking for a graphic designer in Chandigarh will look for a company that can readily provide them with a team of on-board, regularly working from office designers rather than the other way round. This requirement has always been in trend in the city which is the reason for a surge of graphic designing companies in Chandigarh in recent years. People favor agencies more than individuals.
  • Efficiency: Most graphic designing companies have a team of designers who excel in various aspects of graphic design. So, when a large-scale project is uptaken, the tasks are divided between people who coordinate various stages of work. This ensures better efficiency than handing over the complete project to an individual. Companies with graphic designing teams are more prone to keep the client in the loop and make amendments as many times as required.
  • Availability: Freelancers have huge flexibility of work but sometimes they leave a big gap concerning reliability and reach. They might be traveling or disappear on behalf of personal reasons. This is one area where a company seems a better option as compared to freelancers. They have an established office where you may reach out any day, any time, and meet the designer face to face.

What’s The Downside of Hiring A Graphic Design Company?

  • Expensive Charges: All the pros that were mentioned in the above paragraphs come with an extra cost and taxes. They need to pay a complete team of designers, office, and all other expenses that are incurred in running an office. That charge is added to the client’s billings. While the freelancers only charge for the work they do, the companies include all service charges along with some extra service charges based on your requirements. So, unless you have a big budget on your side. Although, there are companies that offer flexible plans even for small-budget projects you may have to analyze the pros and cons related to them.
  • Location: With respect to freelancers there are no geographical limits as they can be hired from any part of the world. But when it comes to companies, it is rational to hire a company that is located within one’s reach. 

What’s Good About Hiring Freelancers?

  • Expertise: Freelancers are individuals who do the teamwork all by themselves. Therefore, when it comes to expertise they ace the normal graphic designers to an extent. A number of industry professionals agree that freelance graphic designers hold a strong edge when it comes to specialized tasks. They are all-around players capable of performing any task that comes their way.
  • Cost Control: Freelancers are best when you need to control the costs. Most of them work either on an hourly or per-task basis. Unlike regular employees, they only charge for the work they do. Also, the prices are negotiable with them and can be adjusted from task to task. So, when you don’t have enough to hire an agency, it is freelancers who can take care of your requirements. However, make sure that you clarify all terms and conditions with them before entering into an agreement.
  • Flexibility: Most people who turn into freelancers are professionals who have worked in offices and companies for years. Therefore, they are very aware of the ins and outs of various projects and the demands associated with them. Their experience allows them to adapt to all work scales and variability. This adeptness works highly in favor of the client and ensures expected results without any extra cost.

Is There Any Downside To Hiring Freelancers?

  • Limitations: It might be possible for some people to master all aspects related to a field but not for all. There are certain limitations to what a person knows about all aspects of a specific field. Most freelancers are jack of all trades which means they know a little about most things but master just one or two of them. It may suit several project requirements but might not stand well when you need to handle large-scale long-term projects. Handing over everything to one person may become a lot for them and jeopardize your complete projects. Also, if there are any other tasks you will need to pay extra for them which may interfere with your budget.
  • Accountability: Accountability and accuracy are not a forte that everyone can hold. Many just disappear in between the tasks and you may end up losing both time and money after them. Then some aren’t even afraid of bad reviews or ratings, they are probably working through fake profiles.
  • Lack of Reliability: Most established businesses and enterprises like to work with people they know and rely upon. Working with a distant stranger is not something that goes with their idea of a reliable business relationship. Therefore, they like to work with the companies they already know and reach out to as and when needed. If You find it Useful, Share This:

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